Tuesday, July 10, 2007

52 Days until East Carolina Football!!

I was at Southpoint in Durham, NC today and saw David Garrard! For those of you that don't follow ECU football, he was the quarterback at ECU when I was in school there. He's now a quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. David and I are both construction management majors (he was in most of my classes) His starting salary was a lot higher than mine. Many of you know that Garrard came to my house in college and played College Football on the playstation--he was on the game!!


whitwo said...

That sure is some fancy photoshoppin'!

justin smith said...

Don't forget "and we ate Philly Cheese Steaks!"

p.s. - No offense, but talk to me about his shirt.

charlie said...

his shirt is some famous tattoo artist--i know its pretty weird--but if you're in the NFL you can do that kind of stuff