Friday, February 15, 2008


We went to the Boone area earlier this month with our small group. There were 5 couples and 5 kids (4 of them under 9 months). This was the first time Maddie has been to the mountains.
Here she is with one of her best friend's, Anna. Maddie doing her best impersonation of Annie Oakley.
We stopped at App. State to take a few pictures of Maddie at mommy's school. Isn't she the cutest thing...
Push! Maddie Push! Maddie tried to show me that she's really a Pirate, but I told her it was ok for her to like Appalachian 2nd, since her mommy went there, and that she didn't have to knock their sign down. I then told her that we might go to Raleigh or Chapel Hill and she could knock down all the signs she wanted.We had more snow in the 'Boro this past week. Maddie can't figure out why she has no feeling in her fingers right now.
No, its not Ansel Adams, its a Charlie Heritage original out my back door!


Kevin and Amy Sasser said...

Maddie, Anna Cate says, "knock down all the signs you want to in Chapel Hill but don't mess with the Pack!" Now you wouldn't want to upset one of your friends, would you?! And yes, you are a cutie!!

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