Wednesday, April 11, 2007

John Wayne and Jesus

"I met John Wayne and Jesus, when I was just a kid. They both had on their cowboy hats just like I pictured them." Not much compares to being outside at night underneath the stars having a good ole' time singing songs and talking about Jesus. We had Grimsley Younglife the other night down on the farm! That's a picture of me (sorry for the quality) leading songs. Yeah, that's a real Dale Earnhardt t-shirt--"#3 on the track, #1 in our hearts!" We had 6 high school kids come up and spit crickets out of their mouths to see who could spit them the farthest--kind of like a seed spittin contest--only with live crickets!! We also had kids shuck corn with their bare feet. I think if Jesus were walking around today, he would spend a lot of time at this farm just hanging with high school kids. Oh, and he'd probably catch the biggest bass in the pond!

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