Sunday, April 22, 2007

Top Ten Sights and Sounds at the NC ZOO

So Kelly and I went to the zoo today for what might be the last "date" that just the two of us go on before Madison is born. The weather was great and the animals were out in full force--all of is our top ten list of sights and sounds at the NC Zoo.

10. This picture speaks for itself--Kelly, nine months pregnant, with a hippo--no relation.
9. "Telescope, why would you need a telescope? Don't you mean binoculars?"--Mean dad to his young son.
8. "Them things are big ain't they?"--Grandma to her granddaughter referring to the Bison.
7. "That's the closest you've been to a duck this year." --Loving wife to her husband shamelessly reminding him of his 0-for season
6. Sorry we don't have a visual aid for this one, but apparently rolled up shorts and shirtsleeves are in style for big guys with muscles at the zoo.
5. "Holy freaking crap."--Guy shocked by size of turtle
4. "Oh gosh, I think I just smelled that guy's feet!"--Kelly
3. "Annoying kids come from annoying parents"--Charlie to Kelly after she was worried that our kids would be as annoying as the girl near the gorilla pit(who had an annoying dad)
2. "This is the only exhibit in the park that...well, nevermind."-- Volunteer tour guide
1. "You're sick, cause you bite your fingernails. That's like eating someone else's pee." Dad to his teenage son who is feeling sick.


jwhitwo said...

I am gonna take a wild stab at number 7 and say that Kelly said that....

jonathan smith said...

dude you are *way* too observent

Anonymous said...

i am guessing your wife was the one on the right in the picture