Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big Weekend!

It was a big weekend in Greenville as ECU's baseball team won all three games against Central Florida. They are now in 2nd place and have a record of 35-17. Also, there are only 111 days until ECU's 2007 football season kicks off in Blacksburg against Va. Tech.

It was also a big weekend in the 'Boro as my mom and dad came up to visit. My brother Jimmy brought my mom up here on Thursday and I was able to play golf with him. My dad came up Friday night and we all went to Best Buy. This ordinarily is no big deal but this is the farthest Madison has been from our house.

Madison and her Uncle Jimmy!

On Saturday we went to Country Park for a Picnic. We ended up having to leave our spot because all the dumb geese were trying to eat us. Actually I think they thought Madison was calling them, because they didn't start coming towards us until she started crying. Maybe I should bring her to the duck blind this winter.
My mom, Madison and I on Mother's Day!
(cool hair Charlie)

Madison gave her mommy a picture frame with her picture in it and some hanging baskets for the front porch.
(Seriously, are you wearing a toupee')

This is the picture that was put into Kelly's frame.

Madison didn't want me to feel bad that I didn't get anything to open and I told her it was ok because it was Mother's Day, but she decided to give me something anyway. No its cool, I'm sure it will come out with some Shout or something.
That's all for now!


Whitney Hannam said...

What a cutie pie! She is so sweet even if she does spit up. You guys are doing great job being parents,:).

grannie annie said...

I love how Maddie is looking at uncle jimbo