Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Madison's first trip to Greenville!!

I went to the East Carolina vs. Rice game on Sunday with my dad and brothers...more on that later! Not bad seats, huh?!! Thanks Dad!!

OK before I tell ya'll about Greenville first off, that's a snake. And yes, it's a copperhead! And yes, it was in our back yard in Greensboro. And yes, it was on our side of the fence. Kelly called me up on the phone and said Samuel L. Jackson had nothing on her and that there was a huge snake in the backyard. I first thought, oh it's just a little green snake and so I said, "Well take a picture." She then said I think it might be a rattlesnake. I then said, "nah we don't have those. Just go take a picture." When I got the picture, I said "OK now go shoot it-its a copperhead." Kelly is so brave. She went all the way out by the snake and grabbed our dog, Dakota, who wouldn't come inside when Kelly was calling her. She then was brave enough to take this picture. I told her to call animal control and here's how our tax dollars talk: "Mam, we don't do that, call critter control." Thanks, no seriously thanks. By the time Kelly got the number for critter control, the snake was gone...for now.

If you didn't already know, my favorite place in the world is Greenville, NC. This is one of the old barns on the way to Kelly's parents' house from my parents' house, and it reminds me of the days when I used to work in the tobacco and corn fields. These barns are getting more and more rare so Kelly and I decided to take a few pictures before they get torn down by new developments.
We took Maddie Grace to Greenville for the first of many trips! I am already counting down the days till her first football game against the baby blue from Chapel Hill (102) .We had a great time hanging out with our families and friends. ECU was hosting the conference championship this past weekend and so we took Madison to the game on Saturday.

She lasted all nine innings-a true Pirate. ECU won the game she attended against Tulane 9-4 to advance to the championship game against Rice, who is ranked 2nd in the nation! I went to the championship game on Sunday and the Pirates eventually lost to Rice in the game, but are headed to the NCAA tournament starting this Friday in Chapel Hill.

Madison Grace and me in "The Jungle" at Clark Leclair Stadium.

Two beautiful girls hanging out in the shade in "The Jungle".

Oh yeah, PeeDee the Pirate came out to see Madison but she was in the car eating!

That's my brother Jimmy working with the ECU grounds crew--look at that form! Oh yeah, he graduates next fall with a Masters in Sports Management and could use a JOB if anybody knows anything, or if you just want him to come and rake your dirt he would do that for some money also...


justin smith said...

I like the picture with you in the shade (with your visor on) and Madison in the sun being blinded! Way to go dad!

Matt Hannam said...

The public would like to request a new post, preferably pictures of your sweet little girl, :).

Love you guys...Whitney

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