Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's about time!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post! No excuses, we'll just move on!! A lot has happened since May 29th! Here is a quick update:
We went to Hilton Head, SC the first week in June. My parents, my brother Wally and his wife and son, and Kelly, Madison, and I had a great time hanging out at one of my favorite places in the whole world. Jimmy was actually working at the Wide World of Sports in Orlando for the MLB draft.
We ate at the Salty Dog at the South Beach Marina on Wednesday. This was Madison's first trip to the bar where she ordered "Mommy's Milk" in a bottle.
We took Maddie to the beach Thursday morning. She wanted to lay out and work on her tan, but we didn't want to cause any of the little boys to stumble.
Kelly came to Hilton Head with my family in 1998, after we had been dating for one year, and it has become our favorite vacation spot. Oh and last week June 15, was our 5th wedding anniversary!!! Its hard to believe its already been 5 years.

Maddie went on her first boat ride aboard the "Vagabond". We actually saw the space shuttle take off from Florida while we were on the boat. That was pretty cool considering it was two states away!

That's my dad after he got the bill for the boat cruise! Thanks dad!!!
Maddie Grace and Kelly on Maddie's first boat ride. Aren't they cute?

My mom (Grannie Annie) and dad (Grandpa) on the "Vagabond" with Harbor Town in the background. (Pay attention to my mom's eyebrows!)
We went into a store and Maddie thought that this was a stuffed animal of Grannie Annie (see picture above this one) but I had to tell her it was actually Bert.

I had my first Father's Day and Madison gave me this card and an ECU chair for tailgating. Kelly asked me what I wanted to do for Father's Day and I told her all I wanted to do is lay on the couch and watch the US Open golf tournament with my daughter. Kelly wanted to know how that was different than any other Sunday until I told her it was THE US Open! Kelly and I also got DirectTV with DVR this week. Kelly didn't think we needed the DVR but when we missed "So You Think You Can Dance" one night she was disappointed but then I told her that with the DVR she didn't really miss it--she realized it was worth it. Our small group (minus Jeff who is at YL camp this week) went to Celebration Station for .99 Putt-Putt night. Actually, 99 cent putt-putt is really 1.99 now. I started off the first hole with a hole-in-one and thought I would cruise to an easy victory-not so as I actually came in tied for 4th after I allowed Millie to come back and tie me on the second to last hole--Great putt Millie!!
I promise you my dad is not the guy that lives down near I-40. We had our annual Summer Soiree with my dad's side of the family. We meet every year in June with my cousins, aunts, and uncles at my Aunt's house on Market St. We always have a lot of fun just catching up with each other and eating good food. My mom and dad are usually in charge of the games so we played this relay game where you have to run down to a chair, open a suitcase, put on the clothes in the suitcase, run and tag the next person, and then they have to repeat the process.

Tha'ts my mom (Grannie Annie) showing off her skills.
Well, again sorry it has been so long since the last post. I hope you enjoyed this update and I'll be sure to post more stuff more often. Oh yeah, there are only 69 more days until ECU's 2007 football season kicks off!!


Anonymous said...

We do enjoy life, don't we now.
My favorite are the photos of my high school boyfriend, he is still soooooo good looking, doncha think.
Seriously, Maddie is a very pretty addition to the Heritage Clan, just like my two daughters in law.
Thanks for the update Charlie.
Love from your Mom

charlie said...

you're up late mom and yes I know those aren't your eyebrows-they're your glasses!

kelly said...

you make me laugh so hard. i'm glad i get to live with you.

justin smith said...

two things:

1) Again with the blinding of your daughter when you have more than enough eye protection.

2) Who won the golf game? Hugh?