Sunday, November 18, 2007

shhh...don't tell mommy!

So I was supposed to look after Maddie today and instead I got our dog, Dakota, to do it. Maddie and the dogs have met before, but never this close. I figured it had to happen sometime. They got along great all afternoon. Maddie especially liked it when Dakota licked the back of her head. I think Maddie wanted to lick him back but I told her she couldn't until she was older.Maddie can pretty much take care of herself now. I walked into the kitchen and found her drinking her milk all by herself!!I had my ten year high school reunion last weekend. I had to go because Kelly was the class president(i said it was because she was a nerd, she says it was because she was popular) Anyway, we had a great time catching up with the people we graduated with. One girl came all the way from Alaska! Here I am with my hot high school girlfriend!Kelly and I took Madison to her first ECU basketball game. They won the game, but haven't won again since.

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justin smith said...

I heard a dog's mouth is cleaner than a . . . frat house toilet; so you should be good to go.

I also heard Madison got plenty of complements at the grocery store. The most frequent being "oh, isn't HE cute!" Don't take it personally, Grayson kinda looks like Mr. Magoo.