Sunday, May 11, 2008

New York, New York

So after an eventful day of train travelin' and running out of restaurants, we woke up on Monday morning at our Hotel on the Hudson. This is the view from our hotel! Pretty neat huh? Anyway, I saw these guys fishing on the boardwalk so I went out there to talk to them and see if they had caught anything. While I was talking, one of the guys hooked onto this 30lb. striped bass!! (This picture was taken on the subway! how many times have you seen a guy with fishing rods and a 30pound rockfish on a subway!!)Awesome...who would have thought that I should have brought my rod and reel to NY. During the day on Monday we went to Times Square. Here are a few pictures:Monday night we went to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. When we got into the theatre(?) Helga the Barmaid yelled at us to show her our tickets. We thought it was just us but she yelled at everybody. "I need to see your ticket. I work here, show me your ticket!"The next day Wally arrived around 11:30 from Greenville. We went back across the river to New York. While my mom, Wally, Jimmy, and Barbara went to FAO Shwartz, my dad and I went up the Empire State Building. Here are some pictures from up there.After this we went to Yankee Stadium, which was our main purpose for this trip. Here are some pictures from the game.

After the game I told Steinbrenner he now had my permission to tear down the stadium.

Without Kelly there to take my picture I had to do a lot of self portraits!!


justin smith said...

that's awesome. way to not smile in any pictures.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, This is such a great overview of the trip. If I had not actually gone on the trip, I would want to join in the fun. You are a great reporter.
Thank you for being a wonderful son.
I love you so much.

Jenny said...

your mom is so sweet. :)
you are a great reporter. what a fun trip! next stop: bolivia!