Monday, July 7, 2008

Members Only,my beautiful wife, and the O's

I haven't updated this thing in so long, its stupid.

Anyway right now there are only 53 days 14 hours 30 mins and 51 secs until ECU football!

Remember Members Only jackets!! Yeah, I had one and thought it would be cool to get patches from different places I have been and have my mom sew them on. "Cool Charlie, cool." -says Kelly. Anyway here are some pictures of my Members Only jacket that I tried on a couple of weeks ago when I found it in my parents closet. Note on the front that I have an ECU patch that I bought in 1987 on a trip to the outer banks when we randomly traveled through Greenville. Kelly and I went to the outer banks a few weeks ago to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary! See her website for our ratings of the weekend. Here we are aboard the Down East Rover out of Manteo. We took an awesome sunset cruise in the Albermarle Sound. One of the things I love about being married to my beautiful wife is that she loves to travel different places like I do. We have had many adventures together and I can't wait till the next one.I also like kicking her butt in putt-putt. Final Score: Charlie 42, Kelly 44. (Par was 42) Actually this is the best Kelly has ever played putt-putt and until she blew up on #16 with a 6, she was in the lead and I was worried she was going to beat me. She says that she was the better player that day. I have two words for her: Scoreboard! Ok maybe that's one word.
The last time the Orioles made the playoffs I was a freshmen in college. They lost to the Indians in six games of the AL Division series. Gas was probably still around $1.25. Going to the movies was probably $5.25 and my Members Only jacket was about 7 years from its coolness. Anyway, we may have started a new tradition last year of going to Baltimore with Maddie to watch the O's play. We went up on Friday with my parents and met Jimmy and Barbara in Baltimore. We watched the fireworks on July 4th in the inner harbor and the next day we went to the Orioles vs. Texas game. The O's lost.Maddie got a caricature done at the stadium.Maddie hardly ever sits still anymore so I had to take advantage of this moment. On a side note: I'm getting fat.


justin smith said...

cool charlie, real cool.

i'm running "the human race" 10k on 8/31 if you want to try to 'not be fat' with me. see it here:

just don't back out on me at the last minute.

Amy Sasser said...

justin, you should ask kevin about the last time the two of them trained for a race. they actually did run a good bit together but the race never happened. :)
charlie, you made me laugh with this post.

Sara said...

you're funny...and i love that you said one of the things you love most about being married to kelly...that sounds like a question i would ask you :)

Anonymous said...

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