Sunday, August 17, 2008

12 days 15 hours 20 minutes until ECU Football 2008

The ECU ticket office mailed out the 2008 season ticket packages last Monday. I waited all day everyday this week by the mailbox to get them. I wanted to tip the mailman for bringing them to me but that would be like tipping the girl at Subway for making your sandwich. Anyway, I couldn't sleep Thursday night because I knew my tickets would be here on Friday-kind of like not being able to sleep on Christmas eve. Maddie thought it was a little weird that I was hanging out by the mailbox all week, but I explained it to her. Look at her excitement when the tickets finally showed up! Kelly's dad and I went to the Wyndham Championship on Saturday. Quote of the day from the tournament: guy in the crowd to John Daly--"Hero, spelled D-A-L-Y"
Kelly, Maddie, and I went today. Maddie loved the tournament and everytime the gallery clapped, Maddie clapped--but she didn't know when to stop, which was funny. On the 15th hole, Maddie picked up some grass, probably to check the wind direction, like any good golfer would do.

On a totally different note: a few weeks ago I started digging a hole in the backyard. Kelly came outside and asked me what I was doing and I told her, "I think there is some oil back here and if there is, we'll be rich and move to Beverly Hills." I was actually digging out a hole for a new "landscape" pond. I'm not done yet, but here is a sneak peak: