Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who let the dogs out???

These are my dogs-Dakota and Lily...and this is why they have been lying around being lazy since 3:00 this afternoon.

I fed the dogs this morning around 6:15 and headed off to work around 7:00. Kelly called me at 8:00 and told me that the dogs were missing. She drove around the neighborhood for a while and could not find them. I called the animal shelter to see if anyone had dropped them off--they didn't open until 12:00. I then called Animal Control and told them I had two dogs that were missing in the Lake Jeanette area. I called my neighbors so that they could be on the lookout. At about 1:00pm my neighbor called me at work and told me that a lady who lived on the actual lake (Lake Jeanette) had seen my dogs, so I immediately called her. She said, "yep, I saw your dogs this morning around 7:30 swimming out in the lake. They would swim for about 20 minutes, chase some ducks(that's what I'm talking about-my words-not hers), and then they would sit under the tree and take a nap. I guess they've been swimming for a few hours now. But they're not here anymore, I saw them up the street in another neighbors yard when I went to the grocery store, but come on by the house and I'll help you look for them." I left work and drove to the lady's house(which was awesome by the way--right on the lake!!) and we walked down to the lake calling for the dogs. No luck. Her neighbor came out, probably to see who was yelling in his back yard and he said, "oh you have two dogs, a black one and brown one? i saw them swimming in the lake chasing ducks and having the best of time. they would swim for 20 minutes and then lay down in pine straw to take nap. My wife and I took them to a house a few neighborhoods away and put them in the back yard." I asked him, "oh so when did you drop them off? 30 minutes ago? An hour ago?" He said, "oh no, about a month and a half ago."
So this isn't the first time the dogs have been on this little adventure. Who knows, maybe this is their weekly hang out spot. I think they are climbing the fence to get out because both gates were shut this morning.
My neighbor called me and told me that around 2:30pm Animal Control dropped my dogs off in the backyard!
As Millie Smith said, maybe my dogs were trying to tell me that the new "pond" in our back yard just isn't big enough!


grannieannie said...

Maybe you should get an invisible fence.

Jenny said...

what in the hay? i never saw them escape when i was there...i guess if they did it was when maddie and i were gone. that's crazy! too bad jesse wasn't there to join them.

melissa said...

just make sure they don't tell colby. when kelly called and was wondering where they were, river quietly said, "Mommy, Jesus knows where they are." so she loved hearing that they had just been having a playdate at the lake when i told her later.

Sara said...

charlie, this doesn't really have much to do with your post, but that night i spent the night....when you left for your retreat that saturday morning, you left the back door wide open. kelly, maddie, and i came down and found it wide open...good thing the dogs were in the garage or the house could have been a big mess :)

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