Monday, March 26, 2007

Cutting Grass and Painting Stripes

So I finished painting the nursery last week--I hate painting but knew it had to get done--what little girl can come into this world without purple and green stripes on her wall. I wanted to do purple and gold and paint a big pirate ship on the wall--yeah there are girl pirates!--but decided not to because like i said i hate painting and would probably have been told to paint it over. Have you ever heard of daddy-boot camp? Me neither, until I was signed up to go this past saturday. Luckily for me two of my friends had signed up also. We showed up around 9:00am thinking that for the next three, yes three, hours we would be learning all there is to know about babies and what to do with them. I've changed one diaper in my life and thought we would "practice" this skill at boot camp. There were four "veteran" dads that brought their kids in to the training room. There was also a "General" who led the group. What this boot camp turned out to be was a talking session by one of the veteran dads--and talk he did--for probably 2 hours and 53 minutes of the 3 hours. But, I did learn that you could buy a baby bjorn--one of those papoose looking things--and cut your grass and maybe even your neighbor's grass while your baby is sleeping in this thing--only professionals--or should i say "Generals" should try this. (don't worry mom, I do think that cutting grass with a little baby in one of these sling things is a pretty stupid idea--very unsafe--especially if the baby isn't wearing eye protection!)


grannieannie said...

Great paint job!

grannieannie said...

Lawsy, Charlie, you read my mind when I read about the papoose thingamajig!

Matt said...

nice work bro. Don't you need a gold stripe to go with the purple though?